Mystic Warrior Mala Wrap

Prickly Pear Malas


The Spiritual Warrior Mala Wrap is intentionally made with 8mm Rainbow Obsidian and Labradorite on strong stretch cord. This mala wrap features a beautiful Labradorite cabochon pendant and a gold plated triangle charm.




Rainbow Obsidian is one of the gentler obsidians but with strong protective properties. It teaches you about your spiritual nature. This stone cuts the cords of old love and gently releases hooks that others have left in the heart, replenishing the heart energy. Obsidian is a stone without boundaries or limitations. As a result, it works extremely fast and with great power. It provides a grounded cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth, absorbs negative energies from the environment, and strengthens in times of need. It is helpful for highly sensitive people. It eliminates energy blockages and relives tension. This stone urges exploration of the unknown, opening new horizons.




Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Labradorite deflects unwanted energies and prevents energy leakage. Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination. It combines intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom; it helps in getting to the root of a matter and showing the real intention behind thoughts and actions. Labradorite is a useful through change. Imparting strength and perseverance. A stone of transformation, it prepares the body and soul for the ascension process.



One of the beautiful things about natural gemstone crystals is that no two gemstones look the same. You will receive a bracelet like the one pictured above, but since all gemstones have their own color variation and inclusions you can rejoice that you are receiving a truly one of a kind piece!

Each gemstone bracelet is hand crafted with the purest intentions and love. Your bracelet will receive the same care and attention. All of our jewelry come gift wrapped in a complimentary jewelry box and soft cloth bag. Detailed gemstone property description cards and care instructions are also included. Please allow for 3 to 5 business days for your item to be crafted and shipped.

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