A mala is a sequence of beads that is used for guidance during meditation. Each bead on the mala helps you keep count of your mantra, and guides you while you sit in silent mediation or prayer. This practice is known in Sanskrit as Japa, and a mala made with 108 beads is a Japa mala. It is believed that after repeating a mantra or a personal affirmation 108 times, you have cleansed your mind, body and spirit of any negative energy that may be holding you back from living at your highest vibration. When you wear your mala around your neck or wrapped around your wrist, you hold with you the sacred energy that you cultivated in your meditation throughout the day. The lovely thing about malas is that you don’t have to be religious or have ever meditated to own and wear one. Anyone can wear mala beads; these healing crystals inspire positivity, a balanced state of mind, and the overall elevation of your spirit 



A traditional Japa mala is made up of 108 beads. The beads used can be authentic semi-precious gemstones, rudraksha seeds, sandalwood, rosewood, etc. During meditation, each bead helps you focus on your mantra, affirmation, or prayer.


The thread itself represents the bond that we have to the Universe. The thread signifies that every living thing that holds a vibration is connected and unified.


The threads of the tassel represent protection, prestige and spiritual connection. Knotting the last knot of the mala to the tassel symbolizes our connection to the Divine and the essential oneness of all reality.



Hand knotting silk thread between each bead is a true sign of a traditionally crafted mala. Not only does this technique make the mala stronger, it also provides the perfect space for guiding you through mediation.



The Guru Bead is the 109th bead on a mala necklace. This bead symbolizes our Teacher, the Divine or God. Since the Guru bead is not counted during meditation, it is unique from the rest of the mala. This separation symbolizes that our Teacher, God or the Divine is beyond the Universe and us.




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